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Copy files from FTP to Amazon S3 with CloudBerry Explorer PRO

A few weeks ago CloudBerry Lab started the first beta of CloudBerry Explorer PRO for Amazon S3. In the PRO version of CloudBerry Explorer we are going to offer some advanced functionality on top of basic functionality offered in our freeware version.

Among pro features are Compression, Encryption, Chucking and FTP support. In our previous post we will talked about the first three and now we will explain how FTP support works.

FTP support

FTP support has been by far one of the most sought after feature that Amazon S3 users asked on Amazon forum and when sending feedback to our support.

Imagine the situation where you want to host your media files on Amazon S3. Currently they reside on you hosting provider’s server. Almost all hosting providers offer you FTP access to your data. Now all you have to do is to copy your files from your hosting provider to Amazon S3. Before you had to use one of the FTP clients to copy your files locally and then use CloudBerry Explorer or another S3 client to upload files to S3.

With FTP support in CloudBerry Explorer this task is made even easier. You don’t need a separate FTP client anymore. Just configure a connection to FTP server and copy files to your bucket. From the user perspective FTP accounts look exactly like S3 buckets.

NOTE: CloudBerry Explorer still downloads files to your local computer and then uploads them to Amazon S3. It is just that it makes this process simpler.

Once you set up your FTP account you can start copying the files between FTP servers and S3 buckets. On the screen below you can see FTP connection to the right and S3 connection to the left.


With FTP support in addition to compression, encryption and chunking CloudBerry Explorer is becoming even more compelling product for professional Amazon S3 users. Please visit our website and try out the product

Note: Beta 1 will expire on July, 1 2009. Please don’t use beta version for production purposes. Prices for PRO version will be announced later when we release the product to the market.

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